• Mississippi House of Representative vote to change the state flag overcast.fm

  • And just like that, another is in the can

  • github is having issues; which means many orgs’ CI/CD processes are impacted.

    It’s crazy how we depend on a centralized authority for services built on a decentralized protocol.

    Network effects is a helluva drug

  • YLNT is back!!! overcast.fm

  • Good news: my Yerba Mate supply is going to last much longer than feared. Bad news: I’ve been brewing my w. 3X as much mate as needed

    tsp != Tbsp

    But at least I know why my heart has been racing at night

  • All weekend, I’ve been working to get the house better set up for long-term work and schooling from home. Today I bought an Amplifi Instant mesh WiFi system. I don’t have a camera-ready spot for video calls, yet. Also I’m attending QuarantineCon, a all-remote conference.

  • For my Indie Web Camp Austin 2020 Project, I ended up floundering a little, but I made some progress.

    • set up a Backblaze B2 bucket fronted by Cloudflare CDN+DNS
    • from there, I could hack out a little indie “Stories” feature
    • I could also for hosting podcasts on the cheap too
  • I’m at Indie Web Camp Austin, and I just did the show-and-tell with my micro blog site. But I forgot make the analogy about being someone who makes web stuff (like a cobbler) without having made any web stuff I’d be proud of (no shoes).

  • currently watching Alan Kay - Programming and Scaling www.youtube.com/watch

  • finally updated my fork of the feed2json package github.com/corntoole…

  • I needed this today @5minutejournal

  • This is first time since maybe iPhone OS 2.0 that I have not updated to the new OS on day one. I really want to try out the new features but I’m waiting on 13.1

  • I’m RSVPing for #indiewebcamp Austin 2019.indieweb.org/austin

  • It was perplexing to me that commandline UIs seemed to coming back in vogue. But with better displays and typography, I kinda get it now.

  • Lately, I’ve been constantly thinking how get to a post-Unix computing paradigm.

  • At work, we’ve build a SaaS product where we often choose using manage storage service over the operational complexity of running our own infrastructure.

    Maybe something like distributed SQLite is a nice middle ground github.com/Canonical…

  • This morning I listened to audio from both the Jones and Moore camps as the news came in. Both sides were singing hymns and praise to God. It’s beautiful, sad and befuddling all at once.

  • I was telling my co-workers that I have to choose between getting a new saxophone or the iPhone X. I’d love to get the X as soon as it’s released, but how many people get to buy a signature horn co-designed by their friend?

  • Had a weird iCloud login+keychain snafu on Sierra, and now I can’t access any of the folders in my home directory. So almost no apps launch and I can’t bring up a page in Safari.

  • I had to delete the TestFlight build because the App Store build of micro.blog would always handoff to the beta for secondary actions on updates.

  • I want to use a static-site generator for my homepage. My job is probably gonna adopt VueJS for webUI. So in the spirit of merging concerns, I’m gonna use nuxtjs to build a self-contained SSG with markdown support.

  • Now I that I’ve sorta mastered contextualizing tweets, I miss not being able to use those skills on micro.blog.

  • I have an embarrassment of riches of ways to write and publish stuff, yet I write very little.

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